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Maura Visser

Players Agent

Former Dutch international Maura Visser (35), since 2020 players’ agent for GRANDSLAM International. What exactly does a players’ agent mean? What can you encounter as a young talent and what is the advantage of having a players’ agent? Working only for players or also for clubs? Maura talks about her own experience and what she now wants to mean for players and clubs in similar situations. (text: Danique Trooster)

‘We want the players to be able to focus on handball and we take over the rest as much as possible. We make the journey together.’

Visser herself went abroad at the age of 21, Horsens HK in Denmark was her first step. The step was made possible for her under the leadership of Jokelyn Tienstra, but it was not nearly as professional as it is today. ‘When I see what a company like GRANDSLAM is all about, it goes much further than most people think. Unfortunately, there is still a wrong picture about players’ agents. It is often thought that we only assist with contract negotiations and contract extensions of players. But there is much more that we do. Also in the benefit of clubs. I personally think it is very important to guide young players, but also the more experienced players. As an ambitious young player you will enter a foreign country. You do not know the language, the people and the culture. So that is quite a bit to prepare someone for. In addition, as a handball professional you have several areas where you may need help, such as strength training, injury prevention, physiotherapy, nutrition, etcetera. We, as players’ agents, also focus on that. We want the players to be able to focus on handball and to take over the rest as much as possible.’

‘In my own career I missed someone I could trust who would help me with those kind of things.’

Maura herself has encountered various inconveniences in her career. Salary that was not paid, or was paid too late. Trainers who left the club in the middle of the season and no proper care for injuries. But also things like filing a tax return and arranging insurance abroad. ‘At moments like that, I missed someone I could trust and who would help me with those things that I did not really know about. I hope that with my experience and enthusiasm I can be that person that players can count on. I really enjoy working with the players who all have different personalities and goals. As a player’s agent we draw, together with the player, the best journey on the way to their personal goals.’

‘We want to be a link between clubs and players, so that both parties benefit from it.’

Not only the players benefit from having a players agent, clubs can also get a lot out of it. ‘It is often said that we only want to make money over the back of the players. But this is absolutely not the way we work. We have a lot of contact with clubs and therefore we know what they are looking for and which players may be attractive to them. But also in the process if our players are already active at the club. How can we together ensure that we get the best out of the performance of the player? Inside and outside the field! In addition, if a player feels good and does not have to worry about peripheral issues, the player will also train and play better. We want to be a link between clubs and players, so that both parties benefit from it. Many clubs forget to use it. While we attach great importance to this, so that we achieve maximum results.’

2001 - 2006 HELLAS DEN HAAG
2006 - 2007 VD VOORT/QUINTUS
2009 - 2011 KIF KOLDING
2011 - 2014 HC LEIPZIG
2014 - 2015 VIBORG HK

Silver EHF EURO 2016 Sweden
Bronze EHF EURO 2018 France

Mobile: 0031-657166311

Maura Visser
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