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Martin Fruelund ALBERTSEN

Happily married to Anne and together with our handball-playing daughters Amalie and Frida, we live in beautiful Risskov on the Danish coast. My story began on April 10, 1974, when I was born and became part of the Fruelund handball family.

As of July 1, 2023, I already have 20 years of experience as a professional high performance coach. During this journey I have regularly become an expert in various online and offline media and I have of course obtained various licenses in management. I always work with motivation, am energetic, creative and always see challenges instead of limitations. I work on constant development, of both the individual players and the entire team. We learn from our mistakes and failures and convert them into improvements. I continuously desire the highest level, strive for the "Happy to go that extra mile" feeling and always for a professional performance. 100% involved in my work as a coach, that is who I am.

On my Instagram account I share my experiences and contribute to the handball community.



Martin Fruelund ALBERTSEN

head coach

Five national championships and three cup championships with Viborg, Leipzig and Bietigheim.

Has participated in 12 national finals with Viborg, Leipzig and Bietigheim. Many years of participation in the EHF Champions League. Winner of the EHF Cup and led Viborg, Randers and Bietigheim to four

European Cup finals. More than 200 international matches - CL, EHF, EURO 2022.

As a coach, has been part of the development of several clubs from bottom to international top and continues to work with the development of Switzerland from the year 2019 no. 28 in EHF Euro to the year 2023 no. 14 in EHF Euro.


  • EHF Master Coach - EHF Pro License 2024

  • Instructor at EHF Master Coach 2020 and twice at DHF's Symposium.

  • Teacher on A-license in Switzerland

  • Coach of the year five times in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark


National coach of Switzerland 2018-2023

at the start number 28 in EURO

EURO 2022 (Number 14), EURO 2024

Akademy chef coach start 2020, U20 WM 2022 number 8

Coach of the year 2022

SG BBM Bietigheim 2015-2020

Champions League 2020-2017, German Champion (2020)

2019 & 2017, German vice Champion 2018 & 2016, Super

Cup 2017,19, EHF CUP Final 2017. Final-4


At the start 01.01.2015 number 12 in the Bundesliga

Coach of the year 2017 & 2019

Copenhagen Handball 2013-2015

Development of the handball club Copenhagen Handball

from scratch

Viborg HK 2011-2013

EHF CUP Final 2012, Danish Champion final 2012, League

Winner 2012, Danisch Cup Winner in 2012, Champions

League, Danish Super Cup winner 2011, League Winner

2011, Champions League

Elite Chef in Randers at Team Denmark. 2010-2011

And Development of the Randers HH (Men team) 2 Liga.


Randers HK 2006-2010

Development of the handball club Randers HK to EHFCup

Winner 2010, 2006-2010 – One of the best youth

departments in Denmark

HC Leipzig 2004-2006

German champion 2006 German Cup Winner 2006, EHF

CUP . final 2005

Coach of the year 2006

Viborg HK 2000-2004

Champions League, EHF Cup Winner 2004, Danish

Champion 2004, Danish Cup Winner 2003, CL 1/4 2002,

Co. coach 1. Liga men, Danish Champion U-21 2002,

Danish Champion U18 2000, 2002-2004 chef coach

academy & Chef coach DHF Regionalcenter.

Coach of the year 2004

Personal Skills


  • Public Speaking

  • Writing & Communications

  • Team Work

  • Danish (native)

  • German

  • English

I desire the highest level, strive for the "Happy to go that extra mile" feeling and always for a professional performance. 100% involved in my work as a coach, that is who I am.

Martin Fruelund ALBERTSEN

  • Concrete tactical concept with certain ball and running paths to open the attack as basic principles

  • We work with modern handball with high efficiency

  • The better the individual skills of the individual players, the more creative and less predictable for

  • We will use the entire playing area and every position must be dangerous to score, we play at high

  • Focus on positioning and overview without the ball, always dangerous with power and high speed

  • We lead players with a versatile action and position repertoire - always with the better three variable

  • Fast break: Recognizing (anticipating) situations to consequently switch from defense to attack. 

  • Fast throw-off: Division and clear assignment in the fast throw-off from a broad, space-opening

  • Tactical measures are successful if there is a high degree of variability in the final actions!

  • 6:0 defense as basic principles with initiative - variable ideal distance and position to the opponent.

  • Acting as a unit, cooperation (defenders with each other and with the goalkeeper)

  • The better the individual skills of the individual players, the more creative and less predictable the

  • Ball orientation/mixed form (6:0 defense to 5:1, 3:2:1) - playing styles within a defensive formation.

  • Ball orientation/mixed form (5:1 defense to 6:0) - playing styles within a defensive formation. Acting on the side far from the ball, e.g. disrupting running paths and passing paths (Blitz and Flex).

  • Pass-Take /Open-Close

  • Situational and individual Initiative – the players use the good understanding of the game, put adjusted to the strengths of your own player types (obs. goalkeeper) and matched to the opponent

  • Return run - Base frame

  • We want to be the best and strive for 100% winning mentality, 100% teamwork (always putting the

  • team first), 100% focus, maximum development and performance

  • We have a healthy hierarchy with clear role assignments and older players who act as role models.

  • We work with respect, trust and honesty

  • We strive and have great motivation and passion

  • We analyse - neutralize weaknesses, work with strengths and improve individuals and team.

  • We always try to find solutions!

  • We want to achieve professional high performance skills and continue the development of each individual. Modern handball with high efficiency (the players train consciously and goal-oriented)

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Martin Fruelund ALBERTSEN

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