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Born and raised in 1990 in Schiedam, a city not that far from Rotterdam. Happily married and together with my wife we have a beautiful young daughter. 

After studying business administration at Erasmus University, I continued to develop myself with a traineeship at Enigma Consulting,  specializes in payment transactions, Risk & Compliance and Treasury Management within banks and companies.

After almost 6 years as a consultant, I said goodbye because I had the opportunity to become a full-time handball trainer/coach. The cool thing about this is that it involves 8 hours of training, but the rest of the time develops young people personally so that they are also ready as people for a top sports/social career. In addition, as a national coach I get to work with all kinds of inspiring coaches from abroad!

All this experience has yielded the following competencies:

Efficient thinking and working ability. Enterprising by organizing various projects. I have empathy and am easy to deal with (spontaneous/collegial) by leading different types of people of different age categories (young child to adult). An eye for improvement, 'daring to think differently' and flexible because I can handle different positions with different backgrounds. No 9-to-5 mentality because that is not possible in sports. But above all: see what drives someone and what they can develop!




head coach

As a coach, my main goal is to help my players. This is the reason why I became coach when I started with youth players more then 10 years ago. Nowadays, after trainings, matches, talks with girls, decisions about programs and all, this is how I reflect; did we do the right things for the players, also when they are not happy with it. As a person, and also as a coach, people describe me as a very hard worker, strict, honest and always open to do more and better to reach goals.

My communication skills and interpersonal capacity is my main point as a coach, together with my education, management skills and ability to work in processes. After seeing something, I make my plans to change something, with all the parameters necessary.


  • EHF Master Coach course, jan 2021

  • Handball courses 1 untill 4 - Dutch Handball Federation

  • University master’s degree Aug 2008- Apr 2012

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam - Master of Science in Strategic Management (Business)


  • Per Johansson - Head Coach Dutch National Team

  • Paul van Gestel - Former Technical Director of Dutch Handball Federation


Assistant Coach Dutch Women’s’ team - aug 2021-...

Dutch Handball Federation

Head coach girls Dutch HandbalAcademy – sep 2018-...

Dutch Handball Federation

Head Coach Dutch Handball, U18/U20 girls – sep 2016-...

Dutch Handball Federation

Head Coach VOC Amsterdam  apr 2017 - Jun 2020

First league Holland

Head Coach Foreholte  apr 2015 – April 2017

First league Holland

Business analyst, consultant, strategic advisor Aug 2012 – Sep 2018

Enigma Consultancy, Zeist

Trainee, Consulant, Senior Consultant


2017 - 2020 3 seasons, 3x champion, 1 super cup, 1 cup 

Dutch League - Coach VOC Amsterdam

2022 – Bronze World Cup 02/03 girls Netherlands

2022- 4th World Cup 04/05 girls Netherlands

2019 – Silver  EYOF in Baku junior girls Netherlands

EC2020, WC2021 - Assistant Coach Netherlands A-team

Personal Skills


  • Communication

  • Interpersonal capacity

  • Strong management skills

  • Structured working method

  • Understanding the total organization structure

  • Developing players

  • Analyzing

  • Building a team

  • No 9-to-5 mentality, this is not possible in sports

  • Dutch (native)

  • English

In order to perform as a top athlete you have to push boundaries, and I like to help the individual player with that so that we can achieve our goals as a team.


I believe in a strong fast break in all phases. It’s really important to win the running game the first 5-15 m from the defending field. If the players can get up on the other half fast enough, then they can slow down and be able to make good decisions. Fast breaks will win games.

My handball vision is very clear. We are there to perform first. Right behind that, our main goals is to develop and make fun. Our way of playing always starts with defense, combined with a good tactic. All this is based on the players I have in my team. The vision is leading, but the tactics we use is not. I try to combine the best team, throughout the whole match and season. Because playing handball is not only playing a game, it is a long term process who needs to be periodized throughout a whole season.

Starting with a good, aggressive defense, based on stealing the ball or forcing errors or weak shots with form the attack is the base. Always putting pressure on the attackers. Running back in defense is necessary, a basic rule, based on players mentality to work for the team. Strict rules based on our abilities, together with a very structured tactical preparation needs to reduce 20% of the goals of the opponent. In this vision, there is a big part for the cooperation between the goalkeeper and the defense.

From this, we can do a lot of contra attacks. First and second phase is the main objective for my teams when we can go to attack. This because if we score 10 goals in these phases, the changes to win are big. On the other side, when we play an aggressive defense, with continuously fast contra attacks, an opponent can never rest and is always under pressure.

In normal attack, our main goal is to create good changes for all players, so a creative and dynamic attack is a must for me. An opponent needs to think they can stop us, after analyzing, but then we have some extra options. This we want to create from a good base of structures, but the individual skills and small team tactics creates our variability.

At the end, my goals is that people who come to watch our games, see that there is a plan and a clear vision, with a team who wants to fight for each other and who has pleasure in entertaining the audience.

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