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Born in Sweden at 17 augustus 1968 but living in Denmark for more then 23 years. In a small town called Lemvig, Pether is living together with Carina and together they have 2 daughters called Moa and Wilma. 

Pether is a professional handball coach since 1999 and was part of the very successful team of TTH Holstebro. 




head coach

I describe myself as a person and coach as a self-motivating coach with a valuable passion for handball and the development of the human behind the player. I am result oriented with analysis results with good cooperation with team members to achieve goals. I identify myself as an encouraged and motivated trainer who follows through on things and doesn't do things by halves.


  • T3 Elite Sweden 1998-1999

  • Physical traning Sweden 1999

  • Philosophy in T3 Elite Sweden program 1999

  • Division license Denmark 2019


  • John Mikkelsen - Manager TTH Holstebro

  • Michael Bruun - goalkeeper coach for the Danish NT

  • Linn Blohm - player in Győri

  • Kaja Kamp - player in Esbjerg

  • Inger Smits - player in SG BMM Bietigheim.

  • Jenny Carlson – player in Brest

  • Ann Grethe Nørgaard- former player


1999-2001: IFK Karlskrona - M

2001-2002: IF Fjelhammar - M

2003-2005: Kragerø - M

2005-2008: Lemvig Thyborøn - M

2008-2021: TTH Holstebro – M / W

2015-2018: A National team of Denmark - W

2021-2024: Holstebro Håndbold - W

In addition to my coaching position, I have been Head of the academy and talent development on both the women's and men's side in Holstebro. I have scouted young talents in several countries and trained them to the top and passed the talents on to some of Europe's best teams for example: Sandra Toft, Silje Solberg and Linn Blohm goes to Győri. Inger Smith, Nathalie Hagman, Jenny Carlson, Jamina Roberts, Louise Burgaard, Kathrine Heindahl, Lærke Nolsøe etc.


2010: Danish Cup silver vsViborg

2010: EHF Cup silver vs FCM

2012/2013: EHF Cup gold vsMetz

2013: Danish Championship silver vs FCM

2014:Danish Cup silver vs FCM

2015: Danish Championship  bronze vs NFH

2015/2016: EHF Cup gold vs Lada

2016: Danish Championship bronze vs Viborg

2016/2017: EHF Cup Winner Cup gold vs Rostov Don

Personal Skills


  • Social

  • Team oriented

  • Loyal

  • Swedish (native)

  • Danish

  • English 

In a professional setup, I think I can help to shape the future of a club to a greater extent. In a good organization around the team, with a good atmosphere in the team, I want to ensure that we can develop players and add layers to the club results. Getting better every day, as an individual and as a team. 



My version of handball is very clear in that it is the players' qualities that determine how the style of play is laid out. I have a Swedish background and have worked with Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Russian and Spanish coaches who have helped to inspire my handball philosophy.

In my team at the time, I played a Spanish-inspired offensive defense with tall 2's, as my 2's are smaller and fast players, where the central defense was more compact. The idea of this type of defense is to get the runs into the 3rd zone and get more shots in the 3rd zone. Switching from defense to counterplay, we run fast to the middle and try to keep the pressure on for approx. 20 to 30 sec. in the attack. The attack is characterized by cross-play, transition, and set-up situations for the qualities of the individual players.

Following on from my work in the past, I love working with young ambitious players in combination with experienced players. Bring the young players further and let them challenge the experienced players. Getting better every day, as an individual and as a team.

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