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About Our Philosophy

GRANDSLAM offers management for athletes and organizations based on her knowledge, experience and above all personal involvement. We guide and facilitate from the very beginning to the end, 24/7, at home and abroad. GRANDSLAM wants to be the best management and handball agency for its athletes. We do this based on the following principles:

  • We are optimally accessible for our athletes.. We are proactive in our work.

  • We work on the basis of open, honest and transparent communication. Based on 100% commitment.

  • We work with a clear and measurable long-term plan. Our joint journey to success.

  • We provide access to our extensive network.

  • We inspire and challenge our athletes.

  • We create added value for our athletes.

  • We understand the dynamics of the clubs and search within these dynamics for the best deal for our athletes. Deals that are 100% supported by our athletes.

  • We work just as hard on our own visibility, positioning and development.

  • We are open to feedback.

  • We operate at the interface of management, marketing and development within the personal context of each individual athlete.

Transfer Management

GRANDSLAM has been building strong relationships with clubs, directors, managers and scouts in various countries. Today, as a valued partner of both players and clubs, we manage all aspects of the transfer process and effectively match talent with international demand.

Personal Management

Bringing out the best in people. GRANDSLAM supports the professional and personal development of players. We facilitate, coach and guide players through the challenges of their professional careers including club culture, work ethics, finances and what to expect when playing in a foreign country.

Financial Management

Our carefully selected professional partners provide players with the relevant financial banking services, income tax advice and other national and international tax and legal consultancy.

Physical and mental coaching

GRANDSLAM believes in developing the players in mental coaching and fysical training. We help players become mentally and fysically stronger and make the right choices in different situations, both in private and as a professional athlete.

Commercial Management

GRANDSLAM believes that players at a certain level become brands. For them we generate sponsordeals and the marketing tools (social media) needed for a campaign to gain brand name recognition.

Nutritrional and medical advice

GRANDSLAM supports players in the fields of injury prevention and nutrition through professional partners. Our valued partners offer fitness tests, second opinions in case of injury and nutrition advice.

Team GRANDSLAM is composed of former players who, after their active career, have worked in various management positions within the sports market. Their love for the sport, but especially their knowledge and experience about the processes surrounding players, clubs, associations and sponsors, are the ingredients for a successful team.

Meet the Team

Michiel Lochtenbergh

Michiel Lochtenbergh

Players Agent

René Cloo

René Cloo

Managing director

Maura Visser

Maura Visser

Players Agent

" The players agent guides and advises clubs and players entering into and executing contracts. The agent has a professional international network. Being an agent is a unique profession, an agent is an entrepreneur and an all-around manager in the area of sports and a career manager of the player. " 

Talent, and its development, is the basis of every success. This is also the case with GRANDSLAM International. Focusing and making the right choices are important issues for every athlete. In order to be able to develop yourself to the maximum and to be able to perform at the highest level, having the right people around you is crucial. Good management is familair with the international market and, together with the athlete, maps out the journey to his or her success. 

Success starts with you,

we make it together

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