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performance coaching


With her medical background, Afke creates an overall picture of the athlete. She uses the sport itself as a starting point. In individual sessions, athletes and coaches gain more insight into their own performance behavior and various tools are offered to optimize this behavior. All this with the ultimate goal: better performance.

And this does not only mean winning, but also making a profit. If you keep winning, you will eventually win matches.

All our athletes can take benefit from the knowledge of Afke. Just ask us for more information.  

sports nutrition



“Let’s get inspired by goals, let’s get creative with food and let’s start with the right nutrition for YOU”

Sports demands a lot from the body. Optimal fuels and building materials are a plus. Not only to be able to perform optimally during training or competition, but also to be able to recover afterwards. Correct nutrition, adapted to you as a person, prevents various complaints such as injuries, reduced resistance, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems and much more. Nutrition can also play a crucial role in the recovery of various injuries.


We help you map out your nutrition better. We look at your current pattern and what your goals are. We do tests (both 0-measurements and re-tests) and can monitor your progress well. This way we can tackle different aspects of your diet, regardless of what your request for help is.

All our athletes can take benefit from the knowledge of  Josette. Just ask us for more information.  

human movement

Total Movement was founded by Tanja Ivanovic and Maja Sarenac, both former high level athletes,

who are now 100% committed to consistent academic and professional education and improvement through leading instances in the world of science and practice aimed in maximizing human performance.

In the training process they will screen, test, plan, coach and monitor. You will be exposed to various tools and methods that have their roots in other performance enhancement systems, scientific research and proven practice in athletic training, power and weight lifting, gymnastics, physiotherapy, yoga, martial art, etc.

If you know why you do what you do - you will understand the ultimate purpose of every move you make and the hard work you and us will put in the process.

All our athletes can take benefit from the knowledge of  Tanja and Maja. Just ask us for more information.  


bergman clinics


dr. Henk van der Hoeven specializes in the treatment of shoulder and knee injuries and sports-related disorders. After completing his Medicine training in 1982, Dr. Henk van der Hoeven continued his studies with Surgery and then successfully completed the Orthopedic Surgery training in 1989. Dr. Henk van der Hoeven has been a member of the Orthopedics Partnership since 1991. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein and the Mesos Medical Center in Utrecht. Since 2006 he has been working as an orthopedic surgeon at Bergman Clinics in Naarden.


dr. Henk van der Hoeven focuses on orthopedic surgery:


  • Special arthroscopic surgery: especially knee and shoulder.

  • Sports related orthopedic problems.

  • (Sports) traumatology.

  • pediatric orthopedics


All our athletes can take benefit from the knowledge of dr. Van Der Hoeven.  Just ask us for more information.  

high-end physiotherapie

Jhonfy will leave no stone unturned in examining every physical link to pain, symptoms or injury. Muscles, deep fascia, nerves, bones and ligaments; multiple approaches result in a more complete picture. It’s simple!

The TOP-NOTCH-therapy are strictly formulated combination of manual treatment and physical training. We aim at creating a situation in which the body can repair the problem in peace and fix what’s going wrong. In doing so, we have three objectives:


  • We work on reducing the pain you are feeling. Pain delays recovery and has disadvantageous, sometimes permanent, consequences.

  • Together with you, we examine, correct and train each aspect that may be affecting your injury. A reduced or poor level of physical fitness, shortened muscles, low levels of strength or limited freedom of movement all hamper a rapid recovery.

  • We improve your specific fitness programme: your body must be able to cope with your demands. Each sport and job makes a unique combination of demands on your strength, flexibility, stamina and more.

All our athletes can take benefit from the knowledge of  Jhonfy. Just ask us for more information.  

therapy- and trainingcentre

For people who live from their health and performance, who do not accept any compromises and who want the highest quality, combined in center and for everyone, with the same expectation. Whether football, golf, handball, basketball or any other sport – athletes with knee or spinal problems or after injuries consult us and trust our recommendations and services. Many just want to increase their speed or performance.

Precise, holistic and cybernetic diagnostics should take place before any therapy or training. For that, we use high tech equipment and the high end experience of our team.
Uncover deficits. And recognize potential. We can then recommend the most promising therapy and training methods to you.

All our athletes can take benefit from the knowledge of  Next Level. Just ask us for more information.  

ergo insurances


ERGO is one of the major insurance groups in Europe. The Group is represented in around 30 countries worldwide, focusing mainly on Europe and Asia. ERGO offers a comprehensive range of insurances, pensions, investments and services. 

ERGO operates under its own name and with the brand of its specialist for health (DKV), offering a broad range of integrated products and solutions.

ERGO companies provide private and corporate customers with high-level services.

Together with partners ERGO is one of the leading providers of professional sports insurances in Europe. We provide you with the best possible insurances when it is about your private live and your sports career. Not matter the period of your career.

All our athletes can take benefit from all insurance products of the ERGO Group and his partners. Just ask us for more information.  

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