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Made for You

Both our brand slogans are derived from five brand values: Trustworthy, Innovative, Performance, Inspiring and Passionate. Reaching for what you do not have now, the slogan incorporates our powerful philosophy with our brand values, to motivate and support athletes on a journey towards their goals and beyond. That's exactly why MIZUNO and GRANDSLAM are close partners for many years..

All our athletes can order their MIZUNO products by filling-in our order form:




a highly experienced player in sports nutrition

Many top-class athletes and sports teams are provided with the right sports nutrition by NutriSense. NutriSense is also in close collaboration with various sports associations.

NutriSense offers a well-balanced range of sport nutrition products. All brands are of premium quality, innovative and constantly evolving. Therefore, many international athletes and Olympic winners have trusted our products for many years. We are representing the following brands:


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Recover like a PRO

With Compry Recovery (developed by HERZOG MEDICAL) you always have your own masseur at hand: at home, on the road or on the sports field. After your training, you slide into the boots and zip them right up. After that, you choose the desired massage program and the level of compression on the control unit or with the remote control.

Pneumatic compression technology has been used in medicine for years. The Compry Recovery system is designed to increase your blood flow, remove lactic acid, relieve muscle soreness and improve your athletic performance.

The system increases your blood circulation, reduces muscle soreness and gives you fresh legs faster. Integrate a daily Herzog recovery session into your training plan and maximize your performance.

All our athletes can order their COMPRY RECOVERY system by filling-in our order form:

Do it your health

We believe that the best way to take control of your health, wellbeing and performance is to do it yourself. You know your goals, your abilities, your limits, your ailments and your preferences best of all. You decide how to achieve your personal balance between activation and regeneration for a life full of energy and sustainable performance. Because no one knows you better than you know yourself.

We help you to help yourself.

We have set ourselves the goal of encouraging you and all people to do something for their own health. No matter if you want to get rid of your aches and pains, if you want to beat your best time, if you just want to be a bit fitter, if you want to belong to the world elite or if a good quality of sleep is important to you. Whatever it is, we offer you the perfect tools, tips and services for your health and performance.

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supporting you
since 1955

Regardless of how you define an active life, we have been there. We have protected your knees on the handball court. Supported your back through tough times. Warmed your joints during your training and your everyday activities. And the best part is that we have done all this with products developed together with you. With quality, function and design customized for you and your everyday needs. This is something we want to continue with. 


Protection and support play an important role in a contact sport like handball, where the entire body works at an extremely high level. Our knee supports with shock absorbers, sturdy ankle supports and comfortable shoulder protection are just a few products designed specifically for handball. Along with the right warm-up program, they can help prevent in-game injuries and relieve pain

All our athletes can order their own Rehband products in their own account on our website.


performence by passion

Passa Sports. The undisputed specialist in your sport. With our passion for sport and performance we let you excel. Passa Sports is the largest online sports specialist in the Benelux and with their brands , , and the number 1 specialist in handbal. This means that in terms of assortment, advice, knowledge, customer satisfaction and service, we simply want to be the best. 

We breathe your sport from real passion for your sport.  

All our athletes can order their own handbal products in the webshop:



composed for athletes

For an athlete like you your body is an instrument and it has to be tuned perfectly like a piano.

This is why Virtuoos nutritional supplements have been developed in close cooperation with top athletes trainers and scientists. As a result the products have the optimal composition for athletes to support you in getting the best out of your body.

Virtuoos wants to give athletes those extra percentage points that make the difference and ensure a healthy and strong body as well as improved performance!

All our athletes can order their own Virtuoos Products in the Virtuoos webshop:

Improving performances

2XU (pronounced “Two Times You”) was founded in 2005 by former pro athletes from Australia.   As the name suggests this brand was created to maximise the performance of athletes in by providing real physiological benefits. 2XU has now become the world leader in technical sportswear and has expanded to provide garments for athletes in almost any sport imaginable.

If you are looking to improve your sporting performance and speed-up recovery time so you can get out there again! Then 2XU is without a doubt the brand for you. The brand has proven support from athletes worldwide including NBA, AFL and NFL players. 

Catch our 2XU order form and  you could be feeling the effects of these amazing garments by next week!

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