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Companies and federations are more and more searching for athletes as influencers of their brand. Athletes are influencers with a large number of followers and are therefore of great value to brands and companies. GRANDSLAM connect these two worlds and, together with the athletes and companies, build a case that matches the wishes, possibilities and objectives. For example, we realized the sponsorship agreement between the international sports brand Mizuno and handball player Estavana Polman. And the new partnership between Larissa Nusser and Blackroll.



Together with athletes and / or companies we come up with and create new concepts that meet the needs of the target group. From idea -> concept -> execution. A recent example is the launch of REAL FANCARDS: THE EASIEST WAY TO CREATE YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED FANCARD!

Concept: Based on the well-known Fifa FUTcards, fans can create online their unique personalized Fancard, or order a Fancard from their favorite player. Choose a design, upload your photo, add your statistics, choose the size and within 3 working days your Fancard will be delivered free of charge. The Kölner Haie is one of the famous professional ice hockey teams in Germany. GRANDSLAM issues the original HAIE Fancards in a license agreement.

Another successful example is the organization of events for professional club teams and / or national teams. For example, GRANDSLAM organized a successful training week for the Japanese Handball Association, including matches and entertainment in collaboration with Martijn Westerink from BPM Media & Entertainment, in preparation for the World Cup2017.

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